integrity is a value you should respect

These days me and my gf are watching “Suits”, a nice american show, and one of the topics I’ve found recurring into these kind of tv series is integrity.

Even though the plot is quite standard what I don’t like is the fact that many character lose integrity during the show.

It’s quite common, I know, but as I continue to grow up I know how important integrity is.
Being clear, transparent, upfront, stick to the values and not compromising them for easy solutions.

Integrity has a price, but even for that price it’s worth it because it lets you stick to the best possible you.
Integrity is about respect, is about loving, is about being true to your values.

Also, integrity reminds me of the comparison between how the old couple addressed issues vs the new couples.

The new ones think the couple is broken and that they should change partners.
The old couples think the couple is broken and that they should fix it.

Integrity is about not running away, not skipping your work, it’s about doing your best and not regretting it because you’re not comparing the results but the passion you’ve put into it.

If all you think about is results, it’s hard to have so much integrity because you’ll always compare the results and when you lose you’ll only think about what made you lose.
Integrity is about thinking on a larger plan, staying true and on that scale if you compare the way you acted, then you have nothing to fear, to be ashamed, to be fearful, because you did your best.

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