the marketing advantage that you can always have

Do you think there’s no marketing to be invented in your field?
Think twice.

Yesterday I realized one thing about the business that’s cleaning up the stairs in our building. Something that I never imagined.

But first, let me tell you how it worked since few months ago.
On Wednesdays, people would clean the stairs.
They would come around 6AM and clean it.

They would do a good job, and to demonstrate that they passed they usually rolled up our doormat.

What changed?
In the last few weeks they stopped coming ad 6AM, and they started using a product that leaves a wonderful smell of vanilla in all the building for at least 1 day.
It’s amazing and it works.

This way, we come back and say “WOW”, while before we didn’t even think about it.

You notice the dirtiness only when it becomes too much. But you notice the cleanliness when you can “feel it”.

They added the perfume so that we could feel their work.

It sound stupid but with a single trick they changed the way their work is perceived by people.

If you think your work is at a dead end, think twice and ask questions to understand the need of your customer.
Then you’re done.

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