may 2016 monthly checkup

May was a strange month, many things happened both from a business perspective and from a human one.

The Deodorants business is growing and going strong. We still have some objections from time to time and we had some issues in the production of a new product, but all got fixed.

My day job also is going fine but the pressure is rising and I think it’s because I’m giving too much for too less (it’s not a matter of money, though). The whole goal of my reduction of work was to be more present but the increase of the remote team produced that I keep my slack app on on my smartphone, and this leads me to think about work outside work. No good.

Also, I skipped a lot of days, like 6 in this month. It’s probably the month I skipped more days in this year, and although I don’t feel guilty, I still don’t like it.

Of the posts I liked more there are

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