on elections and the late-fixes

This sunday it will be election day here in the city where I live.
What usually happens is that in the months before the elections the actual mayor tries his/her best to do all the work on the streets, fixing holes in the asphalt and so on.

Every mayor does it and every citizen notice it and says “they’re trying to buy votes”, right?

I was of the same opinion, but then few days ago I realized that we, as citizen, have short memory.
We don’t recall the good conduct of a mayor, we mostly recall his/her mistakes. The good things often vanish in the memory and are more difficult to recall.

If that’s our problem, as citizen, then it’s quite normal for them to leave for last the most noticeable work.
It’s not because the politics are trying to deceive us, it’s us that created this situation.

This happens because of us, and the only way to fix it is to do a cultural change.

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