the struggle for power

For every self-help book in the world there’s a man who seek power. Not the power you see in the movie, we are fragile beings, we don’t always seek that power consciously, but we do desire it.

We want to get out of our cages, to be free of our limits. To have money to live the life we dream, to be free from work and stress, to have no limits.

Even though we might not dream that big, we want it and in this desire our will starts working and it moves us into the field of the “think grow rich”.
That the mind is everything and that we can achieve money, power, energy, and happiness.

Yes, happiness. We all strive for that and sometimes we forget that we would probably be ok with being happy.
The sad part is that, even though money and power might help having an happy life, they are not the reason, nor they can become the reason.
Happiness is elsewhere, happiness is within and can’t be reached from the outside, no matter the struggle.

We think of work as a way of enriching and living well, but what would your life be if you would work less? Would all that money be needed afterall? What’s the price you are paying right now to sustain the level of living you’re having?

Being happy is not a matter of money, power, or whatever.
It’s a choice.

And it’s not a choice like “I choose to be happy”, and then you’re happy.
It’s not that easy. It’s a continuous work because you need to stay in line with yourself. To be true to your feelings, to learn from within you what are the causes of your stress, of your pain and learn from that.

Happiness is a choice and it’s the most difficult one, because it takes courage to be happy.
It’s much much easier to be unhappy, that’s why being happy takes time, courage and effort.

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