the one that sees the world is you

I watched “Chef’s Table” and one of the things that I noticed right away was how Massimo Bottura was very sensible to what was around him.

I would not call him a workaholic but instead I would say that he was very creative and that creativity was always with him.

He was the one that saw the world through his eyes and didn’t want to waste a thing of what he saw.

We should be like him, finding the beauty in every little thing, not giving up, giving second chances, interpreting the world and loving it. It’s a very romantic view, but nonetheless it’s something that can enrich the way we see the world.

If we only look at the world and don’t try to interpret it or read it, then we’re passive listeners. But what if every image, sound, thought that comes through us can lead to a deep thought, and idea, a spark of creativity?

We’re the one that should allow this in the first place, that’s why it’s important for us to regain conscience of “the child within us”, the eyes that see the world for the first time.

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