the crazy and the small ones

We’re in a world of crazy people. We all are.
And it’s quite hard to identify who’s really crazy and who’s not.
Who lives in a dream, and who in the real life.

Sometimes we find that the successful have lot to teach us, but we forget that they might be quite far from us in term of how they respect the people around them and so on.
We identify with single thoughts, words, as if they’re the whole concept of life, while life is instead a complex sum of many variables.

You can’t define life with one aphorism, although you might try.
You can use an aphorism to try and express a view that you have on life, on a single side of life itself, but it wouldn’t be sufficient if you think about choosing what to do.

When you have to decide, you must choose, and the choice is often hard, difficult, something that cannot be obtained without effort.

We often look at the successful because (I think) we feel that’s our end result.
We feel like we deserve the same outcome.
And in this way of thinking we forget the small ones. The people that are everywhere and around us and that makes the difference every single day.

Those are the ones we can learn from too.

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