politics and sports

These days in italy there were elections.
I once had very strong opinions about what I wanted to vote and so on. But after some time I became much more benevolent to other’s people opinion.

The main reason for this is that I now recognize how much useless is spending time convincing other people of your opinion.
Everyone has an opinion on politics and if we only take sides like in sports (mine is good, yours is bad) we can hardly escape the cage. We will always fight to see who’s “right” and who’s “wrong”.
Even if only time will tell.

There is no right or wrong, there are people trusting people, hoping they will do a good work in their interest or the interest of the country, but there is no right.
Right, wrong, are decided after the govern has done its job, after 5 years you can say “Ok, this was a good/bad choice”.
And we’re still not talking about “right”/”wrong”, because there is no such thing.
There might be a good choice if they followed your expectations or surpassed it, or they might be a bad choice if they didn’t.
And btw: they can’t please everyone.

Taking sides makes all this politic much more of a game, much more like sports. But what’s the gain if we reduce everything to a game where we take sides? How can we expect a cultural change if all we want is to crush the opposition and change the mind of the people that think in a way we don’t even conceive?

If all we do is fighting, even in this context, how can we expect a culture of peace to grow?

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