getting your life back after a trauma

There’s a friend of mine. She became quite sad lately because she got hit by life itself in its full majesty.

There’s no denying it that in situations like this it’s easy to fall behind. To lose the way, to get lost.

But how do you save yourself?
How do you avoid the trap?

Years ago I might’ve said: Willpower.
And that would be only part of the truth.

Today I’d say: Faith.
Not blind faith, but hope and faith. Faith in something that you can’t define nor expect.
Faith in the future, faith in the fact that there’s something to be done and this is only a part of the price you have to pay to achieve it.

You might not even know what’s the goal, but having faith is a good step forward.
A trauma will always leave scars, it will leave you speechless and powerless, and that’s why only faith can help you.

Willpower isn’t enough because in those moments it is willpower that’s missing.
Therefore you need something that doesn’t play in the same league and by the same rules.
Something extraordinary, something out of the context.

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