if it ain’t hard, you’re not working on yourself

Improving yourself means starting to question your behaviour and improve it.
If it’s easy, then you’re not really making a deep change but mostly a superficial change that might not last at all.

If it’s hard, really hard, then you’re hitting the right points. It’s hard because you’re questioning the behaviour, your willpower, your interests.

Modern world has taught us that there are sooo many nice things to have, but how many of them are really a necessity? We’re flooded by things we buy and keep in our closed.
Flooded by messages to be who we really are (and we don’t really know who, truth to be told).

It’s hard to balance all this, to give up on the “normal” way.
We think most things are expensive, but some are not, yet we ignore them anyway.

The way you live, the way it’s yours.
It’s hard, and it should be, to give up on the old behaviour. Its yours, it feels like you.
So denying it is like refusing to be yourself.

But that is not yourself. That which you see is the result of many years of conditioning and it doesn’t mean that you’re a totally different person (well… who knows). It means that there’s a lot to be done and that working on you requires time and discipline, requires understanding the real needs and priorities, requires giving up on the surplus, on the useless that we think we need.

Give up on trash. Live more, own less.

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