june 2016 monthly checkup

June was a strange month, seriously.
I got to be very unstable and forgot many days to write, sometimes I felt almost powerless and without any will.

It was bad, honestly, but from all of this I learned a lot. I learned about patience and tenacity, I learned that even in the worst case scenario we can do something good and I learned that stable relationships are the key to well-being.

That said, I wrote something, and the things I liked the most were

Re-reading what I wrote made me realize a few things.

  1. Even though I didn’t write much, I expected less quality, but somewhat got again some decent writing.
  2. I was pretty stressed

These monthly checkups are the perfect moment to pause and reflect and it amaze me how much useful they are.
I am on the way to the 500 posts and find that this has helped me a lot in many ways, both human and technical.

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