art and insanity

I find it hard to understand art when it’s filled with crazy behaviours, for example if I go see a show in a theatre I would expect it to have some kind of theme, a line you can follow along, a direction that will lead to a conclusion.

It’s not always like that and it can happen that I get to see a show that is full of crazy people with crazy actions.
In those cases it’s hard for me to sympathize with the work because I can’t understand insanity, it’s something that doesn’t belong to me and I don’t understand why we should consider it “art”.

Yelling, is easy. Creating the tension between two actors is not.
A real tension, be it of rage, lust, whatever, is complex.

Even more complex is to communicate happiness.

All these feelings are real, that’s why they are hard, but insanity? It’s not commonly real. That is a shortcut to make an impression and not to build a show.

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