the perfect KPI

KPI stands for Key Performance Indicator.
It is an acronym used mostly in the business world where a KPI is a signal of how well or bad a company is performing.

A KPI can define the selling performance of a product, the number of registrations of users and so on.

From time to time we’ll forget about them and we’ll go 100% by “gut”, meaning that we won’t have a tangible way to measure the effects of our actions.
A KPI afterall is that: a way to measure the results of an action.

And even though it seems perfect ,KPI are far from being perfect, because not only you need them, but you also need them to be sound, coherent with what you’re measuring.

It’s easy to start measuring KPIs that are unrelated to the result you’re trying to achieve.
That said, when you go away from KPI everything is much more complex because everything can be both true and false, you don’t have a clear way to define what’s good and bad unless it’s totally evident (like a 300% increase in results).

Go by gut, but measure with reason.

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