intended deaths

Today is a sad day.

In these days many people died, both in italy (train car crash between 2 trains at full speed), Nice being terrorized with 80deaths, and turkey with a coup.

I feel powerless, but don’t feel so bad, and I feel terrible for it.
I wish we could learn from these disasters, but then I think of how far the WW2 seems, how rarely understood it is.

The craziness doesn’t grow overnight.
It builds up.

It builds up through hatred, fear of diversity, non tolerance, and so on.
It builds in years.

And what I fear the most is not the attacks of external forces, of crazy people bombing themselves.
What I fear the most is us, because it could be easy to start a war, a WW3, and that, that would be our last mistake, because with a WW3 there might be no other story to be told, given the immense powers nations have now.

I fear that we won’t have the willpower to say no.
To listen and follow justice and not vengeance.
To talk with the mind and not with the instinct.

If we don’t, we’re the ones that can harm ourselves more.

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