we can learn from everyone

Today a dear friend of my father ate with us at lunch. He’s a quite strange man, had 2 wives, got near to having issues with the law.

He’s a man with great stories to tell, stories that can go from the simplest love story to the complex teenage behavior, to how to trick the law.

At first he might seem quite a “dirty” man, meaning that since he’s so borderline with the law he looks more of a thief when you hear his stories.
But he’s much more than that. He cries at movies, he has a real love for his child, he has values, and although he doesn’t recognize the common values a law has to offer, he still respects his values, which by the way are not so bad at all.

He’s clean, he doesn’t smoke but he has the issue with women and playing, both of them are terrible.

Today he told me a story, in romany when you want to marry a girl you gift to her a blue rose.
He told me this story with some kind of detachment but I knew it was an important story for him.

And that’s the thing: If we always stop at the first look, we’ll always see the most common part of a person.
The usual, the evident.

To see more, you have to go beyond that first look and search for the unique, the unusual everyone has to offer.

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