worrying about being copied

I sell deodorants as a side business, a really nice business. I decided to find a way to produce them because on the italian market there weren’t any of that.

Natural, effective, good smell.

It’s almost one year since that, business is going slowly but well. I don’t do advertising of any kind, people know the product only from mouth to mouth.

One day I discovered that they were trying to copy the product, which, you know, is something that might happen.
And that idea made me worry a little bit. It made me wonder what would happen if someone with 10th times the money I have would invest in such a product.

Would they succeed? Would they fail?

I always got the impression that the more the money, the more the success, and I’m pretty sure that given the money you can find some skilled people to do a remarkable job in any context.

That said, there is a difference that make me cling to the idea that I stand a (small) chance.

Advertising has a cost.
A big cost.
A cost I don’t have nor want to sustain (mostly because of how I see advertising).

That cost, reduces the effectiveness of their investment. So they would need more money to be effective.
They would still have that money though, so although I have this advantage, it can’t last forever.

Which leads to the conclusion of the thought.
Should I worry?

If I can’t produce a better product, than it’s ok if I fail, because I’m not helping the market.
If I have a superior product with a good brand, then it’s harder to fail miserably.

Either way, it’s good.

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