aim for the long run

Not all people think of life as a marathon.

Often they see it as a sprint “If I’ll do this now, then I’ll get X”, so the are well aware that they can do more, and they do it for a specific benefit.

Here’s the thing: I was not gifted.
I have eyeglasses, bad posture, terrible memory.

Years ago I decided that I wanted to learn to sing. So I started taking lessons and I kept taking lessons.
Years later I sing way better than the majority of people.

Would a gifted singer do better? Probably.
Would a gifted singer without applying do better? It depends

Now, you can’t compete with DNA talent. Some are born that way.
But you can compete on laziness, on not applying.

I am not gifted, but I am tenacious, and tenacity was the key to me succeeding in my goal.
Now, everyone can be tenacious.
You don’t need any kind of DNA property aside from some kind of tollerance to failure, because guess what, you’ll fail often.

The first times I sung were terrible. Seriously unwatchable.
But I got better over time, maybe it took me more, maybe I could have done it faster, but in the long run I got the expected result.

Plan your life on the long run, not on the sprints.
(Example: Fitness, don’t think about the bikini phase, plan for the long run.
Eating, same thing.
Work, same thing).

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