sexual tension

Strange topic here, but I always wondered what happens when you stop “searching” for girl.

When you finally found the one and you don’t feel the need to look out for a new girl because you’re happy, what happens then?

I am happily engaged so I’m not worried about it but I do understand that when you’re done with searching for new relationships it might happen that you feel that “sexual tension” between you and another girl.

I’m not talking about flirting, which in this case would be bad, I’m talking about realizing that, somewhat, there’s this tension between you and another person.
It doesn’t happen with everyone and I suppose that when it does, you feel uncomfortable.

What is the link, what is the issue, can we understand what is “sparking” the tension? These are all questions that cannot be answered beforehand but must be understood in the context.

Is it because of an action, a way of talking? is it because of something from your past? or is there a connection you don’t see?
I’ll state it again:I’m talking of a situation where both of you aren’t interested in flirting nor do it, yet you feel this.

I think this is what drives some relationship into the trash. We fall for the trap. We think that this tension is something good, while in fact it might be one of the biggest trap in the world.

Maybe it’s a simple test, a question, like “do you love her or not?” and depending on your answer you decide which route to go.
Trash or home.

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