we are going to kill the traditional dishes

Many of my friends love masterchef and became excellent “handmade” chefs. They’re good at it.
And I love ethnic dishes so I mostly do recipes that come from  outside of the place I live.

At the same time every sunday I go to my family’s house and eat some classic Tuscan dish, and I wonder: what will remain of this if I don’t learn it?

Many of the people I know don’t know a thing about making it like it is now. They might be able to create new wonderful recipes, but what about what we have? What about the history behind those recipes? I think we shouldn’t let them down, we shouldn’t forget about them.

They are part of our social history and we should do our best preserving them and passing them to our children. I hope I’ll be able to maintain this part of history, the first step would be obviously to learn how to do them 🙂

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