don’t allow yourself to drown

You might’ve had a bad day, the boss shouting at you, sales dropping.

Everything is going bad. Nobody recognizes your work and you feel alone, abandoned, powerless.

You can stay up. Even if you don’t have the slightest intention of doing, you should.
Because the most important thing you can learn and preach, the most critical thing is to recognize your limits, and stay happily within them.

If you only think about surpassing them, about transforming yourself into a superhuman, you’ll risk of changing into something you couldn’t expect.

Into someone you didn’t imaging.
Why? Because you will start hiding things.
Hiding the failures, the fears, only to have that feeling of power, of success.

But we don’t always have this luxury. Sometimes we can’t do it and we should admit it, or we can’t ask for help.

How can you ask for help if all you think about revolves around self-sufficiency?
If you do too much, do less.
No one checks your life, you can do less.

It’s up to you.

PS: e-prime failure today. I felt like using the “be” verb was required to express my thoughts. Maybe I’m missing part of the skills required? Who knows. I wonder if I should read more in e-prime. I feel like e-prime can’t be used successfully for “motivational-oriented” speeches probably because those speeches have placed their foundations into the common usage of the “to be” verb.

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