the void people leave

When someone dies a void is created.

A void made by all the times you’ve been together, by all the words you’ve said to each others, by all the silences and the words you _didn’t_said.

A void constructed by the possibilities of life. Of what you could do better, of the errors of the trip.

We can’t replace the void. We can’t substitute it, yet we can live.

We can move forward and think about all the good times. We can learn from the words we didn’t said and take that as an example to do better.
We can take the fights, the rage, and use them to learn how to avoid in the future.
We can, in the end, learn how to grow, how to become that ideal person we wanted to transform into someday.

To live at our highest point, at our highest level, to become the best version of ourselves.

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