if you ask for help, help might come

One of the things that I constantly think about is how people ask for help.

You see, if you think about it, asking for help is not so common. We don’t ask for help, and when we do, we do it from a power position so that we don’t feel too much powerless and stupid.

But asking for help might as well, guess what… help you.
Also, asking for help does not equate getting help which might or might not happen.

We might have become too much obsessed with success and power and we forgot what asking for help was.

It was our way to communicate, to connect, to reach to others.
It avoids burnout and emotional breakdown because help is there for a reason.

Admitting to have a problem, to not have a solution, represents the first step to transforming your situation.
Until you do that, you’re stuck, blocked, unable to move forward.

But once you start changing, then everything changes, and you too can.

Today a friend admitted that he needed help. I told him I’d be there, and help him. He doesn’t ask for help so much, therefore it must have been hard for him.
Then I discovered that I couldn’t help him (work related issue) as much as I wanted, therefore I promised him to do my best to alleviate the pains and issues.

Even if asking for help might not lead to the help you expected it might still lead to a better situation than the one you’re in.

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