thinking back at the bad times

I remember there was this time where my singing teacher asked me to sing in a musical. One of the lead singers was ill and I was a perfect substitute.

I accepted, I was scared but I went through it all.
I was very very anxious the day of the show, it was a beautiful summer night and I remember that I did broke up with my ex-gf few weeks earlier.
I was somewhat hoping she’d get there, she knew I was doing that.

Instead of her, many friends came to see me, even though the show wasn’t their type of show, even though I also messed up in the vocal solo.

Looking back, it was awesome. I got to do a musical, to experience something out of my comfort zone. My friends were all there and we did all enjoy the moment.
At that time though, it felt like a bad day. I was expecting my ex to show up, and since it didn’t happened, I considered a bad day.

A good day or a bad day is, in the moment, only the evaluation of a single element of the whole day.
We miss the vision, we miss the overall group of events that make a day bad or good.
Looking back, I decided it was a bad day based on a single outcome when all the rest of the events were fantastic, and this somewhat proves to me that we focus too much on thing that are too little for us instead of checking out the big game, the strategy, life.

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