are we all domed in marketing?

I went to the dentist today and he told me a secret.

They have one of those whitening machines using UV-rays.
They work fine, but the rays are dangerous for the eye.

Guess what, the company behind the machine gives you eyeglasses to protect your eyes, wonderful right?
Which color are the sunglasses? Glad you asked.

This way, after looking at orange things for 20 minutes, things will be more blue, and your teeth more white.

Marketing magic. But is everything like that? Are we doomed by marketing and cosmetic?
I’m starting to think that bad marketing exists because we want it.
Aesthetic is something cosmetic.

The need to be beautiful, to compare and look beautiful, is cosmetic.
Marketing is cosmetic too. Is all about getting out your need of comparison, the need to be better, superior, evolved.

Would we think the same way if we didn’t think we need white teeth?

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