changing bars

I was out with a friend couple of months ago. We entered in this cosy, crowded bar and we asked for a cocktail and a cup of white wine.

The bar is one of the most famous here and it was very noisy, yet welcoming.
The girls at the counter received the order and I kept waiting.

After not so long a girl from the bar comes to me and tells me that there’s no white wine anymore.
My friend thought about it and, after evaluating which wines were left, decided to change bar.

I was not accustomed to this, because to me once you get into a bar, a club, whatever, it’s like you already made up your choice.

She, instead, consciously decided that that place didn’t have something suitable to offer and changed bar.
Which is…right.

Sometimes the only rule is the one we think of, even if there is no rule.

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