girls are better than men

Dinner time, two men talking to each other, both married, both with female children.

One wished me a man, the other was, without any doubt, sure that girls were better.
I was shocked. A father that told girls were better with no doubt?

His answer was shocking and true.
“Girls give you much more love, more hugs, more kisses. Coming from a family made mostly from male this was such a relief and a new thing to me. I couldn’t ask for anything better”.

So true.
Men are inherently oriented towards the “Macho” example.
They keep their emotions shut, they favor the behaviour of the “Strong man”, instead of being open about feelings and so on.
A man doesn’t hug as much as a girl, and if it does, he’s looked as if he’s gay (not a problem to be gay, but you know, the issue here is that a behaviour triggers a misconception).

That’s our main limit as men.
Society and our thinking limits us to being this fake image, this straw hat of mankind.
We could be more than that, but judgements, people and so on, blocks us from express our full range of emotions.

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