january 2017 monthly checkup

Wooo, looking back at january I’m sure to have slacked a lot.

Thing is, I find myself quite inefficient when writing before going to bed. I need focus and attention and this often comes early in the morning, not later at night.

That said january came along quite well.
Me and my future wife are preparing both the marriage and our moving into a new home, which is fantastic.

it was a really good month from a work perspective, but I feel I need to get back to learning new things or I won’t advance again.

That said, here there are a few posts of me that were worth reading

I feel like “how to change” is a topic that’s been widely explored but always from a “simple” point of view.
My take is that change is often a long process that requires lot of courage and passion.
I think we should talk more about how “normally” difficult is to change and how much struggle there is into doing what you’re not wanting to do.

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