how do you discern complaining, depression, and information?

Before I started writing this post I was angry, like… very angry.

And I started writing that we’re all alone, that this is the only truth that matters, that in the end the only person you can change and improve is yourself.

That’s quite a sad truth to me.

Only after I put down the words it occurred to me that I was letting that anger express.
I wasn’t writing because I had a thought I wanted to express, but instead I was complaining or expressing my anger for a condition.

That’s the difference between a blog where you share opinions and a blog where you say stupid things.
Not that those blog shouldn’t exist, but I’ve already did it years ago and no one cares.

No one would care of your daily struggle because we all got one.
We all got that bad day with bad mood, and it’s not someone else’s job to keep you up.
It’s your damn job.

It’s your damn life and so it’s critical to learn to discern when you’re shouting at the sky and when you realized something worth sharing.
To me this was the thought.
The way to understand if I’m writing to expand someone else’s knowledge is to ask myself “why am I writing this?”

I don’t always ask this question, but in this case it saved my day.
Not only because I ended up writing this piece of text, but because it stopped me.
They say that realizing your issue is half of the work. I believe there’s more to that.

It’s not realizing, it’s understanding that the issue exists and it eats your space that makes the difference.
Anger takes space in your mind and your life. And even if it’s true that we’re all alone and there’s no way out to change the world without changing yourself, even simply distinguishing the complain from the other thoughts is worth our time.

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