if you don’t have time for yourself, you don’t have time for others

Two things happened today.

  1. A friend’s father came at the office today to give his son a package.
    The son didn’t have time, he was working he was busy. He stayed focused on the work for a while and after a couple of minutes he hastily went to greet the father.
  2. A girl that is doing an internship for us started talking to me about issues when buying a ticket from the italian railway company.
    She did this not to share the blame but mostly because she don’t have that many people that speak english and because she felt frustrated.
    She didn’t need help.
    I listened to her and then went fast back to work.

In both cases we could’ve done better.
Work is work, and there’s a limit to the time you can give to someone.
But, come one, 2 minutes is something we should be able to give from time to time.

If we’re too busy to reply to others, to consider them, to treat them well, maybe we don’t even have time for us, to be mindful, present, aware.

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