spiritual yoga

I have lots of female friends that do yoga.

Hatha, ashtanga, etc.

Nowadays we have all forms of yoga, one to lose weight, one to relax, each yoga has a different goal and set.

In fact, yoga has become a sport.
Even though it wasn’t a sport.

It was something religious, spiritual.
And I wonder, has yoga helped these people find some spiritual part in themselves or not?

I think, for many of them, that they didn’t got this chance.
Ashtanga yoga, being fast and calorie burning like it is, doesn’t allow you to appreciate the inner working of yoga.

But yoga is much more than this, and I find very difficult to talk about spiritual and religious things today.
I feel we are in one of those fields where everyone either agrees with you or think you’re stupid, because the spiritual part is something that cannot be described.

It’s not like “I saw God”, nor it cannot be. If God would appear in front of you so easily, then everything would be easy.
Faith would be easy, because, you know, once you see something so clear, why shouldn’t you believe?
But in that design, wouldn’t be God be some kind of dictator?
If his presence is so easily discovered then why wouldn’t everyone believe in him.
Game set, done.

But the spiritual part in ourselves requires much more than that.
Faith itself requires you to believe in something you cannot grasp, let alone demonstrate.

I wonder if we’ll have some growth on our spiritual part too.
Technologies continue to appear, but none of this is working on the only part where medicine, science can work.
Our emotions, our feelings, ourselves (yes I know we can somewhat trick the body/mind emotions, but that’s not the point)

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