free as in beer?

Free wifi is very similar to every free offer you can find online and in real life.

Sometimes things are good, you find a deal that’s free and that let you benefit of the best things.
In the other case the free is just a gimmick. A way to attract visitors.
It’s the same unbeatable offer that gives you nothing for some info.

And as such it’s not free. You have to pay to get in.
Yes, you don’t pay in money, so the “free” word is allowed, but you pay with another currency, your information.

Sensitive information, the same information you’d likely avoid to give.
To do what then? Here’s the issue: we don’t know.

It would be amazing if we had the chance to know beforehand what goals our information will help them achieve.
If only to understand if my email or my zip code are useful to help you out understanding what kind of people get into your shop, or if they are sold to third party companies.

The paranoid can argue that even in this case they might change their mind and in the future change the destination of our sensitive data.
He’s right, but this would still be a great start.

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