even the worst choices have a reason


See the red lines? It’s the part for bycicles (please ignore the cyclist that’s going into the street…).
The black one? For pedestrians.

The first time I walked into this street I wondered why on earth they would “switch” the two lines. It didn’t make sense, and looking at this from the photo it still doesn’t make any sense.

It’s horrible to see and to use. But as always, there’s a reason behind it and in this case the invisible reason is the bus stop.

The bus stop sign is on the left part of the image, near the wall.
The switch is required because otherwise pedestrian walking / waiting for the bus couldn’t get there without crossing with bycicles.

One could say they could put the bycicles on the other side, right? But this way they would risk having the bycicles too near the wall, which is unsafe, and maybe there are even more reasons behind this.

Even the shitties, crappiest result has often a reason behind it that makes it less stupid than it seems.
Even if it’s hard to admit, people think through problems and from time to time it’s not their fault.
They did the best they could do with what they had.

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