don’t blame it on the children

Whatever the reason you might hate a father or a mother, their children are without any of their sins.

They are innocent, they don’t know, they won’t possibly know or act accordingly.

But, for some strange reason, we tend to link the people that we hate with the people they relate to, even children.
It’s like vengeance maybe, our need for a greater source of justice.

But don’t confuse it with justice, because justice is a whole different thing.

There’s obviously a truth in this.
If the person you hate goes out with someone else, chances are that they talk to each other, and their friend will know their part of the story.
So they might hate you to, even if they don’t know you, even if you did no harm to them.

It’s a question of trust and in this way hate is transitive. It moves from person to person, from group to group, based on the trust they have for each other.
And there’s no reason to expect a different outcome because we all act this way.

When we listen to a sad story from a friend we don’t usually question it, unless it’s obviously cluttered and rambling.
Why would you even question it, they wouldn’t lie to you, and in fact they aren’t lying at all. It’s their part of the story and there’s no real truth.

Each people experience a small part of what the problem is.

Also,  hate goes on and on. It surpasses time and it gets passed like a virus and there’s no way to cure others from hate.

Hate is the only virus you can cure only in yourself. Because we are the source of hate.
We are bearers and so the only way to cure hate is to question our hate.
To doubt it by trying to understand what made them hurt us.

There is always a reason, maybe we don’t agree, but it’s rare to see people hurt others only because they like seeing the suffering.
Usually it’s because we all want different things, we all aim to a different view of happiness and joy, and that view might include hurting someone else.

Not because we want it, but because we need it.

Curing hate in you won’t cure others but it’s a start because from there on hate won’t propagate from you. It won’t have the right soil to grow and thus it won’t amplify again, at least on your side.

So yes, maybe nothing will change.

Or maybe you will start making a difference.

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