I’m getting bored of the bootstrap paradox

The bootstrap paradox, as described into the Doctor Who series is something along these lines:

Imagine you have a time traveller who loves Beethoven and decides to travel back and meet his hero. However on arriving, he discovers Beethoven has not and will not write any of the music the time traveller loves so much. The time traveller, desperate, decides to copy out all of his favourite tunes for Beethoven. The plan is successful. Several centuries later, a certain time traveller is listening to his favourite composer, Beethoven, and decides to go meet the man himself… 

The question is: who really wrote Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony? (text taken from radiotimes.com)

This paradox can be discovered in sooo many movies that it’s becoming boring.
It is indeed entertaining and it offers enough mistery to allow people to want more and more, but in the end it’s always the same old song.

I wonder if the time traveling fiction lives up only thanks to that paradox or if we can have something different/new.

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