what the others can see that you cannot

There may come a time when you think you’re not enough.
Not beautiful enough, not intelligent enough.

A time when life is ok but not enough, when something is missing.
Maybe love, maybe friendship, maybe a satisfying job.

When that time comes you might start wondering what is left for you in this world? What should you do with this life.
Is it worth it?

Or maybe you’ll end up wondering why you can’t have what you want. Why life seems to not care about you, why the world doesn’t give you the attention you deserve.
Because you had the chance to try that life. The life you like, but now that life is gone and there is no way to grasp it another time.

It belongs to a past which you don’t belong to anymore.
A past you can’t rewind to.

It’s filled with melancholy, with sadness created by the empty space between who we are and what we want to be, the space between the old life we liked, the life we have and the life we dream about.

Seneca, though, add something to this recipe that should give us direction in those moments of lost.
Many people always wait ’till they start living, they wait till they have enough money, enough love.
Some of them may die even before start living.

It’s a big teaching, because it teaches us the importance of what we have and how we should treat it and consider it.
What we have now is more important that what we can have and it’s more real that what we had. Because it’s the only thing that truly exists: our only present.

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