you can die from sadness

Many people say you love hurts, love kills. You can die from love. Too much love will kill you.

But in reality sadness kills. 
Today the singer of Linkin Park died. Seems like he killed himself and I cannot stop wondering why, what profound level of sadness did he feel to justify a suicide.

I’m not a fan of suicide, I think we’re better off living our life to the fullest, but I am sorry to hear that he felt like he’ve got no other option than to kill himself.

He got the money, the fame, and yet… it wasn’t enough. 
When people say that money helps they forget to put into the equation what money brings.
Stress, first of all.

I can’t understand that feeling, this is an obvious limit of mine. While I do understand sadness, I can’t imagine a kind of sadness that deprives you from all the interest in the world. 
I think we’re not strong enoug, not strong enough to sustain our goals or to know when to admit failure.

You either change, accept failure, or die.

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