tell me about what you see and live, not what you drink

I remember when I went in japan for 23 days. 
Each of those days, at the end when I was at the hostel, I published on my facebook a photo and described it with the information I had.

Many people started following it, many loved it, some hated me.
That was my way to let my friends know what I was visiting, allowing them to breath some of the air I was breathing, to experience part of my trip.

What I often see instead is photos of people drinking, making selfies and so on.
The place has become a background to our photos instead of the main character. 

I feel bad for this, because we take the beauty away from us and from our friends. 
If each friend you have posted a more detailed description of the places they’re visiting you’d have the best guide in the world, you could decide what to see, what you like and what not.

In each trip of your friends you’d experience part of their trip, you’ll see through their eyes and listen to their stories. And once they’ll come back maybe you’d ask them oh tell me about that time when….

Sadly there is no story behind a drink.

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