you won’t ever be good enough

Being good at something is not a final goal. It’s a neverending story.

Each and everyday you will be better than the last, worse than the next. There is no shortcut, no way around.

But what if you listen to that voice in your head that says you can’t do it. That you don’t deserve this life?

I can’t do it, I quit. Those are the words.
Words so blissed, so relaxing. 
Quitting. It’s easy isn’t it?

Easier to quit than to question, easier to leave that to stay and fight against yourself.
In some cases quitting is good, but that is determined by who’s talking.
Is that little voice in your head telling you to quit?
If that’s the case, please don’t.

Please stay. Stay in that borderline where we all fight for our life. Where we try to make sense of this world, learning each and every day a new step, a new move.

Each and everyday being joyful because we improved and sad because we didn’t improve enough.

Because in life there won’t ever be a good enoug for the goodness you can be and do. But it’s a struggle without struggle that deserve each minute of your life.

Don’t quit. Don’t think you’re worthless. You’re not.

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