planning a trip

We’re planning our DIY honeymoon in chile and what blocked me the most are distances. Chile is soo damn big that it’s hard to plan a trip in that country.

Planning for arrival and departures given that a bus can incur in any kind of issue, problem whatsoever. 

It was way easier planning a trip in japan than chile, there the times are much more clean and defined and it’s easy to decide. 
The strange thing was that this whole planning thing was quite stressful. It kept hanging in my mind for a while. I kept thinking and getting back about it.

Now we have mostly finalized it but I miss the fact that many places are missing.

Maybe we’ll see them in the future, maybe not, who knows. But in the end I arrived to the conclusion that I shall do a more “free” trip. No booked hotels, no booked buses. 
Only the departure and return date.
What’s in the middle will be the story to tell.

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