don’t look at the results

A coworker today shared a great article he wrote.

A long article, I’d say.
My first reaction was: How the hell did he find the time to write this long piece?

I was speechless, I thought he’d surely sacrifice his time with his family to do this.

Coming back home I gave it some more thought and one thing popped into my mind: I was looking at the result of his work. He might’ve written it in few months, few weeks, few days. I didn’t have any clue about it because the resulting article couldn’t obviously state this information

When looking at the outcome, it’s easy to jump to the conclusions. To think that it was impossible for us to do, that we should admire anyone who did that.
While it’s true that we should admire them (if they did great work), we should not forget that the outcome doesn’t show the struggle, the failures, nor the time that took to reach that point.

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