snowy winter night

Feb 28, tomorrow seems like italy will be invaded by snow. I was going to work this morning and the temperature at my departure was -7°C, low, cold, freezing cold.

While driving to work the temperature changed a lot, going up to -4 and down to -6, stabilizing at around -5 when I got there.

Nothing magical here, and as you might now: It doesn’t snow at this temperature because it’s too cold. To snow you need to be around 0°C. That’s the line dividing cold and snow.

Went back to work and coming to my hometown afterdinner. The temperature outside was a stable 0.5°C.

No oscillations whatsoever.

This is what mesmerize me of nature, its perfection. It’s obvious when you see the results, but yet I am always amazed by how perfect nature is. We’re going to get snow, and we’re going to get it with a stable round zero temperature.

Love, nature.

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