stepping back

A dear friend of mine decided to work less, as I did many years ago. Not because of status, but for his own sake.

Working less means making space, defining priorities in life, stepping back from what’s not important.

It requires courage, because staying in the game is much more comfortable than stepping back, because if you stay in the game you can continue the way you did. Stepping back instead requires you to shift the mentality, to change the way you work.

Stepping back isn’t about working less nor it’s about caring less. In fact, it’s about caring more without becoming a slave in the system.

In these times everything demands our attention, our time. Stepping back means deciding that we are the one that put a price tag on our time, not the other way round.
At first it’s hard, but slowly it might show you a different take on this world. 

There is a limit to what we can do, to the quality we can achieve. Passed that limit, we’re useless, but we aren’t able to notice. 
If you’re entrepreneur it happens all the day. You receive an email from a customer at 8pm. What are you gonna do? Reply?
Even reading it is a decision that’ll impact your life.

But how important is that email? Chances are it’s not critical. So why even bother replying so fast?
Stepping back means not even taking this chance, because your life is much more important than this.

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