let me invest in you

I’m an avid reader of hacker news, a place where developer and techies come together to discuss, confront, and show off, about tech topics of the most various genre. 

It’s a great community, aside from the fact that many of the projects backed by ycombinator are, obviously, startups.

I’m not a big fan of startups, I very much prefer the boostrapped businesses, because of their sustainability.

Yet lately some people came to me to ask if they could invest into my company.
It’s temptin, you know? Getting “free” money to do whatever you want.

But what does it really means? It’s not going to be free, you’ll be working for someone, you’ll be negotiating terms wiith other people, which might or might not be a good thing.
But most of all, your goal won’t be to please your customers, but to please your investor.

Yes, I know, I’m exaggerating, and I’m sure that it’s not black or white, yet I don’t feel I could be suited for this. In the exact moment someone puts the money in the system ; I “owe” him/her something, and I cannot hide this thought. 

It’s like when you get a free product, it’s hard to leave a negative review.
That is the hidden price you pay.

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