boring work

What is the purpose of work? Is it to improve lifes, to make a change? To pay the bills?
I’d say the last, although when work can be more it’s absolutely beneficial.

It doesn’t have to be that way though. It’s ok if work is boring as long as it pays the bills.
We often forget it, because now we feel entitled to do extremely good work, but all the world is sustained upon boring work. In fact, it’s thanks to the boring works that some fields of expertise can experiment and be creative. Without the boring part, it wouldn’t be possible.

It’s a chain, and not always we’re lucky enough to be in the part of the chain that’s interesting. More often than not we end up doing boring, repeating, work. But without us the entire chain would make no sense.

I once felt entitled to do only interesting work, and felt like a slave when I was doing boring work.
I realized (maybe a little bit too late), that it was selfish, and I embraced the fact that, although I have powers and control over what work I do, doing boring work is still a great thing to do, because fixing bugs will still be a key role in each project.

I never regret this change, because now I have more chances than ever to not do boring work, and when I do (and I do it often) the boring part, it’s always a pleasure and a joy to do it, because I realize that I can enjoy the creative work thanks to that. 

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