don’t be scared of changing

The title is misleading, I’m not talking about self-help, but more of a business oriented application of the “Don’t be scared of changing” rule.

Right now with my company we’re finding some issues with our shipment partner. Not easy to integrate with, some orders are a mess, so all in all, there’s something missing.

At first I wanted to stay with them, to fix all the issues and so on, but then I remember about our labels.
Yes, the labels we stick onto the packaging. We first printed them in a local shop, great quality, high price.
It took them months to find an alternative, and we found it, better price and even better quality.

Sadly the quality declined after a couple of months, which led us to find another company.

It’s ok to change. Even though some relationships with the people you meet along the way might be worth keeping, it’s still ok to change. 
Because change allow you to move faster if you make the right decisions.

The key is always to change when you’re not happy with something and you can’t find a viable solution, that will always work out good.

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