high stress performer, low stress performer

One thing I’m quite sure of is that we’re not all created equals, we have different goals, and often our skills are defined by our talent, or what we decide to follow as our main passion.

Thus it’s normal to see that after a few decades in this world, the outcomes and the personalities of each person are quite different.

In my job it as a web developer I happen to see some ind of people. From the slow learner, to the fast learner, from the slow performing to the fast performing, from the lazy to the active, and from the empathic to the non-empatic.

These are simply labels, tags as you might call them, a mix of the can be easily found in each one of us.
I think that we tend too associate one tag to a win-all situation, while in fact what happens in real life is that some people might be great performers even if they’re slow. It’s all about the context and the setup.

One thing though, that I like to imagine like “one of the best assets” is the ability to understand pressure. Know when it’s fine, know what are the stakes and push it if needed.

It’s a borderline that cannot be easily defined, and the reason why is that we might include too much things into the important “do it now” tasks, rarely though they’re that much.

At the end of the day it’s all about using or wasting time.
The right priorities make the good player, not only the skills or label.

Given that, everyone can be a good performer.

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