a day in another office

I work for a company that has 4 offices in the same building. These offices are splitted among skills, not teams, so they are highly specialized.

I’m in the dev’s office, and although crowded, I like it. 

This week though I decided to work from the Project Managers office.
When someone heads over to you asking for help you often see that as a annoyance, because from your point of you they don’t understand the value of your time. Which is true, but at the same time they also have their problems.

By separating the offices we’re effectively splitting the company into small groups that cannot be bonded together.
So I wanted to work for a couple of days into a different office to feel what it’s like to be there, what’s their problems what are their issues. 

It helped, I got an insight on how they work and how they are trying their best to improve.
I might have took different paths, but aside from this they’re trying their best as everyone in the company is doing, which is of great help.

We tend to see the people we don’t know or of which we don’t have a background as enemies.
But once we’re in their shoes, we see we are on the same boat.

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