the top position

The net doesn’t grow old like you do. Maybe you entered in the world of internet 20 years ago, and in these 20 years you matured, you learned the etiquette, you started defining an opinion about what’s good and bed on the internet what should be done and what could be avoided.

This growth that you had doesn’t happen globally. People enter the web at different times and ages, and they all go through that kind of growth.

It’s not like there’s a base conscience where everyone knows we should stop writing in caps. No.
There will always be someone that’ll write with caps and make people upset.
Then he/she will learn about it. And in a couple of years they’ll be the one pissed off by some stranger writing with caps lok on.

That’s why to me it’s clear that, from time to time, people will still need to relearn the kindness of entering of another person house. Maybe you have a good position on google for many reason, and they want to build up on that. It’s common, we all think it’s a viable way to get some kind of free promotion, but would you do it in real life?

Would you step into a shoes shop and sell your shoes to the customers of this shop?
I don’t think so. 
But that’s a lesson we’ll all learn, someday.

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