making the pain go away

In work, there is the concept of important and urgent. Important is something that makes the difference, now or in the long term, urgent is something that requires your attention.

Important is quiet but decisive, urgent is noisy and static.

Today a collegue wrote me because one of our customer was literally shouting shit at her. It was not pleasant at all.

She wrote me the order of importance of the tasks and the first one was the one from the shouting customer.
Funny fact, it wasn’t a customer, we didn’t have a confirmation of his complain, but he was shouting.

I pointed out that it was silly to give such amount of work to a non-customer that was complaining, yet I wanted to help.

The tricky thing here is that when someone is shouting at us we want that pain to go away, that insecurity and fear and we prioritize based on that, instead of looking at the whole picture.

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