the world and the zone

Being a developer has a lot of benefits and a lot of drawbacks. The first drawback being the fact that we see the entire world as a problem with solutions to fix it. We are bugfinders in all of our lives, we tend to find bugs and fixes or workarounds.

Obviously this pisses some people off.

Another thing that many devs are familiar with is “The zone”.
The zone can be described of a time when your mind is fully absorbed by the task you’re doing, your focus is 100%-110%., you are in control of your mind and it’s fully devoted to that single task.

It’s like having superpowers in your day to day job.
I think we also “know” the zone mostly because developers are introverts, and so they tend to analyze themselves more than usual.

Many people in the world happen to be in the zone even if their job is not software related.
But what about the others? Do they know what it’s like, or did they live an entire life without being able to focus that much onto a task? 
Would they benefit from the zone, or not? I think it’s worth trying and teaching, although it’s not a “skill” that’s critical, although beneficial.

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